Success Stories

"I hadn't been to the Dentist in 7 years. A friend who knows I am scared to go to the Dentist suggested I call Dental Relaxation and try Sedation Dentistry. When I called I explained that I had had problems in the past with a tooth being hard to get numb and that I felt almost embarrassed at how scared I had been.

The Sedation Dentist that I ended up going to explained how even people that were unable to get numb in the past were able to get numb with Sedation. They also told me that I would be able to tell them if I felt anything and they would stop. I felt better knowing that. The Dentist and the Staff were so confident in me that I think it started to wear off on me!

The only thing I felt throughout the whole treatment was the slightest pressure from the injection and that was all. I had no pain and no anxiety. I actually managed to relax in the Dentist chair for the first time ever."

Tom F.

Sedation Dentist
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