Success Stories

"About ten years a go I needed to get all of my wisdom teeth extracted and after an entirely traumatic experience I was without my wisdom teeth but I was left completely filled with fear about ever having anything but a cleaning done by any dentist.

Recently, I was having problems with my gums and was referred to a Sedation Dentist who practices Oral Conscious Sedation. I am so thrilled by the experience and the outcome of my procedure. I am still amazed at the type of work that was done and the ease at which I went through it. I even seem to be healing at lighting speed.

I have become really accustomed to saying that I hate the dentist but now after having extensive gum surgery with Oral Conscious Sedation I am finding that it just doesn’t ring true to say I hate going to the dentist anymore. My advice to any one who has the same fears I had is, go to a Sedation Dentist! Take care of your teeth knowing that if anything big needs to be done, you have the option of Oral Conscious Sedation! It will change how you feel about going to the dentist—it did for me."

S.B. Waltham, MA

Sedation Dentist
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