Success Stories

"I grew up with compliments from young and old of 'what a beautiful smile you have'. Well that all started to change as my teeth started to move and one actually fell out. I knew I was in serious trouble.

With the help of a dear friend who suggested I try their Dentist, I made an appointment with fear running through my veins. Prior to my appointment with the Dentist, I had four other appointments but never made it to the chair. The minute I walked into this office, things were different. We all spoke as a group. They suggested Sedation Dentistry due to all my problems. I actually had full mouth surgery on my second visit and since then more work done through sedation.

It is like a dream - a miracle - it's amazing! This office of wonderful people has changed my life. I can't thank them enough for giving me back my beautiful smile!"

Sally from Stoneham, age 50


Sedation Dentist
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