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"I hadn't been to the Dentist in years! I was extremely afraid of sitting in the dentist chair and having work done to my mouth. I had reached a point where I had many problems and was in a lot of pain. It hurt just to eat a sandwich!

I visited with the Dentist and his team and they explained to me about Sedation Dentistry. The Doctor felt it would be the best route for me to take with all the work I would be having.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I was in the chair for 12 hours and when it was all over, it felt like 5 minutes had gone by. I was very relaxed but quite aware of my surroundings and what was going on. The recovery time was nothing!

For anyone that is afraid like I was, I highly recommend Sedation Dentistry! It has really changed my life! My results are truly incredible! I feel like I have a whole new mouth! I can eat, drink and smile in the cold weather without any pain. I am also not afraid any longer of sitting in the chair. The process was painless and pleasant. This is the solution for a life without any dental pain!"

Michelle     Watch a video of Michelle's Sedation Dentistry story!

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