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Pop some pills, sleep through your dental visit?


It is one person's personal account. She calls oral conscious sedation "an answer to a prayer". Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Earlier this year, Barbara Scott badly needed some dental work, including a root canal and several crowns for cracked and decaying teeth that were at risk of soon being beyond repair. 'I'd put off going to the dentist for as long as possible,' she says. She had no choice but to get her teeth taken care of and was planning to take a rather drastic step — general anesthesia, in which she'd be completely knocked out — to do so.

Then she heard about oral conscious sedation, commonly referred to as sedation dentistry. With this approach, anxious patients take a sedative pill about an hour before their dental appointment to help them relax. When the patient gets to the office, the dentist may give more pills, depending on how well the first one worked."

Read the full article on the MSNBC website.

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