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Assessing The Need for Anesthesia and Sedation in the Genral Population

The Journal for The American Dental Association

Summary: This article demonstrates that millions of Americans have some form of dental fear and anxiety.  It also shows that millions of Americans would seek more dental care if Sedation Dentistry or Certified Sedation Dentists were more accessible.  More dentists today are becoming certified as Sedation Dentists and have helped millions receive anxiety-free dental care. 

Abstract: The authors used a national telephone survey to examine the relationship between dental anxiety and the use of pain and anxiety control measures in the general population. Nearly 30 percent of respondents reported being somewhat nervous, very nervous or terrified about going to the dentist. There was a threefold difference between the reported use of anesthesia and sedation and respondents’ preference for these treatments. These data suggest that fear of dentistry is still prevalent and that fearful patients would seek oral health care more regularly if general anesthesia or conscious sedation were more readily available.


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